Commercial Construction Financing

Our construction loans are generally short-term loans under the SBA 504 program, where the initial two years are interest only. After the first two years, the principal is converted to a principal and interest payment over a 20-year to 25-year amortization period.

The second is the period after construction, funded with a permanent loan, AKA a takeout loan. Typically, owners structure financing through a real estate holding company, which holds the construction property and the loans to limit risk for owners and their businesses. CONSTRUCTION LOANS A construction loan pays for up-front project costs.

Commercial real estate financing Purchase real estate or expand your existing facilities Benefit from a loan that covers a high percentage of your long-term financing needs to protect your cash flow.

Time Life Commercials Apartment Construction Loans Multifamily Loan Programs | bonneville multifamily capital – With our proven approach, we help you experience a simple and pain-free financing process. Whether you are constructing a residential complex or buying your first apartment building, Bonneville Multifamily Capital can help you acquire sufficient funding to secure your investment.

Real Estate & Construction Financing. Currently, the Bank is actively building relationships with commercial real estate investors throughout California, Texas, Massachusetts, Illinois, Washington and New York. We are also focused on providing construction financing for developers in California and New York.

Commercial construction loans are available up to at least $5 million with 100% financing from select lenders for established businesses considering new construction of a building. Many types of businesses are eligible including doctors, dental practices, veterinary clinics, pharmacies, daycare centers, preschools, some quick service restaurants and franchises and numerous other types of businesses .

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Washington Federal is your one-stop shop for commercial real estate financing of all kinds. From construction loans to investment property, we can help.

Special Expertise in Real Estate and Construction Financing. For builders and contractors, we provide financing for custom homes built for specific buyers or.

Commercial Loan Direct and CLD Financial, LLC are not liable for any commercial mortgage interest rate or data entry errors that might affect the displayed commercial loan rates. Commercial loan rates may change at any time and without notice.

Commercial construction loans can provide the necessary financing for your business to construct a new building, expand your existing facility or simply make some long overdue upgrades. We understand that construction projects are disruptive to your daily operations, that’s why we can structure terms and conditions that will simplify the process.

Commercial Construction Loans $1MM-$40MM; Multifamily Purchase and rehab loansmm-mm; commercial real estate Bridge Loans $2MM-$40MM.