Actual Length Of A Year

4 billion years ago, it took 1450 days to make one year and each night and day was 6 hours. It took approximately 8700 hours for the earth to orbit the sun. 2 billion years ago, it took 800 days to make one year and each night and day was 11 hours.

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The length of a year is defined by the time it takes to orbit the sun. This is determined by the orbital path and speed at which a body takes around the sun. Thus, if a celestial body moves farther from the sun, the length of the path is increased, and a year takes longer. This is why a year (full orbit) on mars takes somewhere around 690 earth days.

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A day is approximately the period of time during which the Earth completes one rotation around its axis. A solar day is the length of time which elapses between the Sun reaching its highest point in the sky two consecutive times.. In 1960, the second was redefined in terms of the orbital motion of the Earth in year 1900, and was designated the SI base unit of time.

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